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Miracle Milly Takes Title As World’s Smallest Dog (Video)

A dog in Puerto Rico is now officially the world’s smallest dog by height according to Guinness World Records.

Miracle Milly stands at just 3.8 inches tall when measured from backbone to paw, Guinness World Records announced Thursday, according to the Manila Bulletin.

The brown Chihuahua is nearly 2 years old and tips the scales at roughly 1 pound. She is reportedly known for often sticking out her tiny tongue when someone takes her picture.

The Inquisitr reports that Miracle Milly is owned by Vanesa Semler in Puerto Rico. Semler says when Miracle Milly was born she weighed less than one ounce and fit inside a teaspoon. Miracle Milly was so tiny she couldn’t nurse from the mother and they weren’t sure if she’d survive and Semler fed the dog with an eyedropper every two hours until she grew large enough to feed normally.

Miracle Milly now sleeps in a baby’s crib and will eat nothing but food cooked by humans.

“She really likes salmon and chicken,” Semler told the Manila Bulletin

The Chihuahua is close to her two sisters, both which are of normal size, but she prefers the company of people.

“She does not understand that she is a dog,” Semler said. “She thinks she’s a kid.”

Sources: The Inquisitr, Manila Bulletin


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