Miracle Baby Thrown From Mother’s Womb During Fatal Motorcycle Crash, Witnesses Say


Witnesses of a fatal motorcycle crash in China say newborn Xiao Zhao was catapulted out of his mother’s body when his parents were hit by a truck on their way to the hospital.

Despite both his parents being killed in the collision, the infant is now apparently recovering at a Xiamen hospital in southeastern China.

The “miracle baby” was reportedly found 10 feet away from his mother’s body.

"What we found out from her family is that the woman, a 40-year-old, had gone into labor at 8:30 a.m. and her husband, a 42-year-old man, decided to take her by motorbike to the hospital rather than waiting for an ambulance," said hospital spokesman Chan Chien.

The 45-year-old truck driver, who reportedly turned into the road ahead of the motorcycle, was arrested.

Sources: New York Daily News, Metro


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