Miracle Baby Survives 7-Story Fall; Doctor Catches Him


It is being called a miracle -- a baby survives a seven-story fall out of a window. But it was a miracle aided by a doctor with good hands and an awning with a faulty gear.

The 18-month-old boy was playing near an open window with an older sibling in their Paris apartment (above) on Monday when the boy fell out. By the way, their parents had left them home alone with the sibling.

The baby bounced off the awning of a cafe and right into the hands of a passerby, who happened to be an off-duty doctor. He immediately checked him out -- not a scratch on him.

But here's where the story really gets interesting. The cafe was closed that day for a bank holiday, so the awning should have been closed. But when workers tried to close it the night before, it was jammed, so it stayed open. If not, well, it wouldn't have been there for the baby to bounce off of.

The doctor who caught him, identified in the French press as Philippe Benseniot, credits his own son with spotting the imminent disaster.

"My son happened to look up and he saw that a little boy was on the balcony and had somehow got through the railing and was playing on the very edge of a vertical drop into the street," Benseniot said. "I just had the time to get across the street and place myself. I said to myself, 'whatever happens, I mustn't miss him.'"

Benseniot said the baby cried for a few moments after the fall, then fell asleep. Even though he looked fine, the baby was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

Neighbors were then able to prevent further tragedy by talking to the boy's sister through the apartment door, telling her to get away from the window.

The parents remain in police custody.


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