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Minor League Baseball Team Celebrates "2nd Amendment Night" With Gun Raffle

The Huntsville Stars, a minor league baseball team and Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, are hosting “Second Amendment Night” on July 3, which will feature a raffle to give away three guns.

You have the chance to win the raffle, the team says, and then receive a certificate to take to Larry's Pistol and Pawn, the event’s co-sponsor, to pick up your weapon.

Stars GM Buck Rogers does not see what the big deal is.

"Since everybody's buying guns hand over fist and Larry's Pistol and Pawn wants to get involved in some sponsorships and they had a line out there a mile long [to buy guns]," Rogers said. "We're having a Second Amendment night to talk about things anyway. It's an educational night. No guns coming to the game. Nobody is giving away guns. One of the hot-button issues right now is the Second Amendment that everybody's running from."

He added: "Maybe it's time Americans basically said, 'Hey, what's going on? What's wrong with this?' Day in and day out, people's rights are being taken away. The government is spying. We've got phone companies selling our information — the whole nine yards."

If you are an NRA member, your membership card gets you free admission to the game.

Sources: MSN, FoxSports


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