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Minnesota Woman Told To Take Down American Flag, Refuses

When a Minnesota condominium association told resident Angie Hildebrandt that she had to take her American flag down, she refused, saying that flying the flag is “everybody’s right,” reports ABC 5.

"I was heartbroken, I was sad, I was angry," Hildebrandt told ABC 5. "Every emotion that I had came out when I got that letter under my door."

Hildebrandt, of Edina, Minnesota, has her condominium covered with American flags and other patriotic memorabilia. Her sons are a Marine and an Army specialist, and she is proud to have a military family. "I got a family tree that's got more stars than leaves on it,” she said.

Southdale Gardens Condominium Association maintains that its issue is not with the flag itself but with the fact that she hung it in an area that she doesn’t technically own.

"Ms. Hildebrandt installed the flag holder on common property, not in a location that she has a separate ownership interest over, or exclusive use of,” its legal team at Carlson and Associates clarified, adding that she agreed upon a set of rules when she purchased her condo.

Hildebrandt does not buy it. "It does not state that I can't fly a flag," she countered. "It says everything else, but it doesn't mention a flag."

The set of rules that both parties are referring to prohibit signs, advertisements, hanging garments or rugs, wind chimes, bells and anything that creates noise, with no mention of flags, says ABC 5.

Hildebrandt also calls to her side The Freedom to Display The American Flag Act of 2005, which is in place “to ensure that the right of an individual to display the flag of the United States on residential property not be abridged,” according to GovTrack.

Hildebrandt is ready to put up a fight. "If I have to go to court, then I don't want to, but so be it," she told ABC 5, adding that that the day she has to take her flag down is the day she moves.

Sources: ABC 5, GovTrack
Photo Credit: Modified from Wikimedia Commons


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