Minnesota Woman Leaves Two Malnourished Puppies in Recycling Bin


A Minnesota woman is facing a charge of animal cruelty after she left her two German Shepherd and Huskie mix puppies in a recycling bin behind the Scenic Hills Animal Hospital.

When a manager at the hospital found the two puppies the morning after 47-year-old Anna Bertha Robole left them there, one was dead and injured, and both were malnourished, according to FOX 9 News.

While staff took care of the puppy that was still alive, the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory examined the dead dog and found that it had several fractures to its ribs and that rodents had started eating part of its tongue.

Police located Robole after searching for recent animal complaints. Tenants at the Creek Point Apartments said that Robole owned the dogs and that they had seen her kick them and choke them by tugging their collars too harshly. Robole also allegedly would put duct tape around the dogs' mouths to stop them from chewing the carpet.

The apartment complex managers had sent Robole a notice that she had to pay $250 for having the pets in her home and that she would have to get rid of them.

At the St. Paul Police Department in June, Robole said to officers that both dogs were alive when she put them in the recycling bin and that she had wanted them to receive care from vets. She added that she did not cause the fractures on the puppy that was found dead and that she fed the dogs regularly.

A count of animal cruelty can include a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment and a fine of $5,000.

Source: FOX 9 News


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