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Minnesota Woman Charged After Reportedly Beating Stepson With Belt

A 9-year-old boy ran shoeless and in his pajamas into his St. Paul, Minnesota, school on Wednesday after his stepmother reportedly threatened to attack him with a baseball bat.

“My mom is trying to kill me,” the boy said. “Don’t let me go back to her.”

The young boy was swelling on the left side of his head near his temple and ear with several marks on his left arm that appeared to be from a belt. He also had a scratch on his left eye and several scratches on the right side of his neck.

The boy had reportedly been escorted home earlier in the day by a teacher who spoke with his stepmom Tashay Johnson, 24, about the boy’s behavioral problems. Once the teacher left, Johnson reportedly said that he would get a “whooping.”

“I’m going to grab the gun and kill you,” Johnson reportedly said.

Following that threat, the young boy ran to school around 4 p.m. and reported his stepmom. The principal reportedly intervened at this time and refused to allow Johnson to run after the boy.

Though Johnson has denied hitting her stepson, investigators say the boy was covered in large welts and marks. Johnson was later arrested and the boy’s father threatened to beat him. The boy’s father reportedly stated that he always beats his son but that it never does any good.

The boy is now in protective custody.

Johnson was charged with malicious punishment of a child and making terroristic threats. She was released from jail under the conditions that she had no contact with her stepson.

Sources: Fox News, CBS News / Photo Credit: CBS News


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