Minnesota Twins Apologize to Lesbian Couple


The Minnesota Twins baseball team has apologized in person to a lesbian couple who said they were scolded by a security guard for sharing a brief kiss at a game earlier this month. Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper said that after their kiss a security guard told them, “we don’t play grab *ss here” and that they must “adhere to the 10 Commandments” while at the Twins’ home ballpark, Target Field.

After Think Progress blogger Zack Ford notified us of the incident, we contacted the Twins, who said that the security guard had been reprimanded, that his statements certainly did not reflect what the Twins stand for, and that they’d be reaching out to the couple to apologize.

Now we can happily report that the team has apologized in person to Campione and Culpepper and that the couple has accepted the apology. Twins’ spokesman Kevin Smith told us that since the incident, the team has “opened up the policy books to make sure we’re doing the right thing” when it comes to anti-discrimination procedures. 

Campione said “we’re really glad they handled it the way they did” and said she hopes this leads to more teams taking steps to ensure that LGBT fans feel welcome at the ballpark.


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