Minnesota Student Freezes To Death After Stumbling Into Creek


A 20-year-old Minnesota student froze to death after falling into a creek while walking to her dorm after a night out drinking.

Sandra Lommen, a nursing student at Bemidji State University, reportedly veered off the path to her dorm and towards a creek, ending up more than a mile from where police believe she was headed.

“We believe she left this social gathering at approximately 2 a.m. with the intention of walking back to her dorm,” Bemidji Police chief Mike Mastin said. Authorities believe that Lommen fell into frozen creek and was able to pull herself out of the water and onto the snow before passing out.

“It appears she broke through the ice and managed to get herself out,” Mastin said. “She was found probably 50 yards from the water.”

A passerby discovered Lommen at approximately 8:30 am, six hours after the incident is believed to have occurred. She was still breathing when the individual found her, and later died of hypothermia.

Police are continuing to investigate the situation, and according to the New York Daily News are searching for the person who gave her alcohol at the gathering she attended before the tragic incident occurred.

“We're not looking to grill everybody,” Mastin said of the investigation. “But ultimately, somebody is responsible. Somebody gave her booze."

Results of Lommen’s autopsy have yet to be released.

Source: New York Daily News / Photo Credit: lptv.org


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