'Minnesota for Marriage' Plans Protest Against General Mills for Supporting Gay Marriage


The anti-gay organization 'Minnesota for Marriage' has pledged to hold “Dump General Mills rallies” next week, according to an email to supports today.

'Minnesota for Marriage' is upset because General Mills is supporting same-sex families and opposing a Minnesota marriage amendment that would define marriage as being between only a man and a woman. 

People are invited to bring their General Mills products from home to dump them in a trailer across from General Mills' headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota, for four days next week.

'Minnesota for Marriage' spokesman Andy Parrish wrote in an email: "In what will go down as the stupidest PR stunt in modern history General Mills as a company has endorsed same sex marriage."

"I know it seems odd for a company who spends billions of dollars marketing products to moms and dads with young children to do such a thing, but General Mills has tried to please a small minority of individuals who feel entitled to change the definition for all society…"

Reports say that the National Organization for Marriage is likely behind the effort, because the group recently acquired DumpGeneralMills.com and because the campaign mirrors their “Dump Starbucks” campaign.


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