Desperate Times: Minnesota Man Robs Bank So He Can Buy Cigarettes


Let’s throw a hypothetical question out there. Say you lost all of your better moral judgment for a moment and decided to rob a bank. How much money would you ask for? If you’re going to take as huge a risk as robbing a bank, you’d better steal enough to make it worth it, right?

Apparently that’s not always the case.

Minnesota man Scott Olson is in jail today after he was reportedly caught robbing a bank of a mere $100. According to the teller at the Wells Fargo bank, Olson strolled up to the counter and asked if he could exchange a $1 bill for a $1 gold coin. The teller obliged.

After fetching Olson his gold coin, Olson slipped the teller a note. The note demanded a $100 bill. The teller couldn’t tell if Olson was serious. Olson then said “Just give me what’s on the note, don’t tell anybody and give me 5 minutes.”

The teller handed over the bill. After Olson left the branch, the bank employee reported him to police.

An hour later, Olson was spotted by police. After confirming that he indeed was the man who’d robbed the bank, they traced where he’d been that day. Upon doing so, they discovered he’d spent his $100 heist money on a pack of cigarettes. He was arrested and is now awaiting charges.

I hope that nicotine buzz was worth it, Mr. Olson.

Sources: KAALtv, KTTC


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