Minnesota Man Records Himself Torturing And Killing His Girlfriend's Dog


A Minnesota man was arrested Monday after police received video footage of him torturing and killing his girlfriend’s dog.

Anthony R. Sather, 24, was charged with felony animal torture in Sherburne County District Court on Wednesday, after his girlfriend found three videos of Sather assaulting her 3-to-4-year-old Shiba Inu husky on his computer.

“The torture, it shocks the conscience,” Sheriff’s Captain Scott Fildes told The Star Tribune on Thursday. “(The video) was extremely difficult to watch.”

Andrea M. Godfrey, 21, was informed by a citizen that her dog, Draco, was dead in a ditch on County Road 1 back in October, according to the criminal complaint.

Godfrey located her dog and noticed a bullet wound. Sather told her that Draco was probably mistaken for a coyote and shot.

In mid-December, Godfrey searched Sather’s computer and found three disturbing videos of her boyfriend maliciously attacking Draco before ultimately shooting the dog with a silver pistol. She duplicated the videos and gave them to a sheriff’s deputy.

In one video, Sather is seen dragging the dog from its kennel for a beating. He punches the dog in the head repeatedly, picking up the 22-pound animal over his head and slamming it “down on the concrete floor multiple times,” the complaint stated.

The assault left “large amounts of blood on the floor.” Sather is then seen moving towards the camera, smiling and saying, “This ain’t done yet,” as he licks his lips.

The third video shows Sather holding a silver pistol, yelling at the dog. Gunshots are then heard, although the actual moment of death was not visually recorded.

Sather directed investigators to the nightstand in his bedroom, where they found the silver pistol seen in the third video. Investigators also found 300 Valium pills and 3.5 ounces of marijuana.

Godfrey posted a heartfelt tribute to her beloved pet on YouTube. A Facebook page titled “Justice For Draco” has garnered more than 5,600 likes in less than a week, asking people to sign a petition to prosecute Sather to the fullest extent of the law.

Sather is being held on $250,000 bail. He is scheduled for a court hearing on Jan. 28.

Source: The Star TribuneFacebook / Photo Credit: Facebook


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