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Minnesota Man Bites Girlfriend's Ear Off, Burns Her Cat To Death And Beheads It With Scissors


A 51-year-old Minnesota man was arrested after he bit his girlfriend’s ear off, tried to shove an umbrella down her throat, burned her cat to death and then beheaded it with a pair of scissors.

Michael Trudeau, of Chaska, Minnesota, was arrested last Sunday after the violent argument with his 42-year-old girlfriend. The woman managed to escape the fight and call 911, and was reportedly “shaken and covered in blood” when police arrived.

Trudeau, who the woman said she’d been dating for roughly two years, came over to her apartment on Sunday afternoon and spent the day drinking vodka. The pair soon began arguing about their relationship, leading Trudeau to put his girlfriend in a headlock. “I'm trained to kill the enemy. You're the enemy,” Trudeau allegedly told her. He choked her until she fell to the ground, then gouged her eyes and attempted to shove an umbrella down her throat. “You're going to die tonight,” he said, “and they're not going to know what happened because I'll kill myself afterwards."

According to reports, the woman bit Trudeau’s finger in self-defense. Trudeau then bit off a portion of her ear in response.

When police arrived and entered the apartment, Trudeau was allegedly uncooperative and would not obey officers’ commands. A criminal complaint said that one officer promptly “tased [Trudeau] and the officers were able to put him in handcuffs.” The complaint also stated that Trudeau “was extremely agitated and angry” and “wanted the officers to shoot him.”

Trudeau’s girlfriend later told police that a few weeks earlier, he lit her cat on fire and beheaded it with scissors to “prove a point.”

“When the cat was extinguished, [Trudeau] choked the cat with both hands until it died,” the complaint read. “After the cat was dead, the defendant went into the kitchen and used a pair of kitchen scissors to dismember the cat by cutting its head off of its body."

The woman said that Trudeau threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident with her cat.

Trudeau was charged with first-degree assault, terroristic threats and mistreatment of animals. He will remain behind bars unless he pays $1 million cash or $10 million bond.

Source: Daily Mail, Fox 9 News / Photo Credit:


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