Black Bear Mauls Hunter Who Shot It (Video)


A Minnesota hunter was mauled by an enormous black bear on Saturday morning after shooting it with a bow and arrow.

The unnamed man was hunting in dense woodland near Duxbury on Friday night when he shot the 525-pound bear. Fearing the bear’s meat would spoil in the day-time heat, the hunter and his friends waited four hours before following the animal’s blood trail.

The group tracked the bear for several miles in the darkness until they found it lying on the ground early Saturday morning. Suddenly, it charged and attacked the man who had shot it, who screamed before stabbing the animal 20 times with a hunting knife.

“I heard him screaming - felt like 10 minutes, but was probably two minutes,” Craig Lindstrom, a fellow hunter, said. “He kept stabbing it and it was pounding on him, a quarter of a ton - a 525-pound bear pounding on him.”

Using first-aid skills he had learned as a Chicago City firefighter, Lindstrom led his friend half a mile out of the woods and called the Pine County Sheriff’s Office.

“I thought he was dead 10 to 15 times,” Lindstrom said. “He would fall down and he told us about telling his parents, his fiancée, his kids – tell them I love them.”

The hunter suffered two broken arms along with wounds to his face, jaw, stomach and legs. He is currently at the North Memorial Medical Center and in stable condition.

The bear eventually died around 50 yards from where it was stabbed, and was dragged out of the woods by the remaining hunters.

Despite the brutal attack, Lindstrom and his friends said they won’t hesitate to hunt again in the future. Lindstrom hoped that his friend would recover in time for deer hunting season.

Sources: DailyMail, Northland News Center


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