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Mom Outraged After Son Is Tied Up And Left On Floor For 40 Minutes While Teacher Was In The Room

A student from Minneapolis was reportedly tied up by classmates and remained that way for 40 minutes during class, while his teacher was in the room at the time and failed to stop the bullying incident.

Nicolette Rochefort posted a photo to Facebook on Friday of her 15-year-old son, who is a freshman at Osakis High School, that shows him sitting on the floor with his hands tied behind his back and cords wrapped around his hoodie sweatshirt, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Rochefort says she discovered the image on Snap Chat.

In her post, the mom wrote: “Bullies did this to my son today at school in a classroom with a teacher present who did nothing about it for 40 minutes.”

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She compared the way her son was bullied to what people see “the terrorist group ISIS do to the people they kill,” reports KMSP-TV.

The young teen was reportedly harassed during an industrial technology class. Upper classmen, who Rochefort say have been bullying her son for some time now, allegedly whipped him with the cord and tied him up and the boy says a teacher was in the room the entire time and did nothing about it until a fire alarm went off and the instructor told the four students responsible to untie him.

The teen then reportedly fled the school and called his mother from a nearby gas station.

The teacher in the room has been identified as Osakis City Council member Kyle Kostrzewski, who reportedly told KMSP-TV that he couldn’t provide comment, but that he is on administrative leave while the investigation takes place.

Osakis Police Chief Chad Gulbranson reportedly told the Osakis Review that he interviewed the students in the class and that the freshman “chose to be involved in the act.”

“As horrible as the picture looks, it was determined that there was nothing criminal involved,” Gulbranson said.

Rochefort called the claim that her son was a willing participant “ludicrous.”

Gulbranson assured the public that the police will continue to investigate the incident if it is requested.

Sources: Minneapolis Star Tribune, KMSP-TV, Osakis Review/Photo Credit: Minneapolis Star Tribune


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