Minneapolis Officers Accused Of Tasering Pregnant Woman (Video)

Authorities in Minneapolis are investigating claims that a police officer used a taser on a pregnant woman while attempting to stop an argument.

A cell phone video caught the aftermath of the apparent incident on camera, but nobody was able to get recorded evidence that showed the officer actually using the taser on the pregnant woman. The incident started when 19-year-old pregnant woman Latrice Trotter got into an argument with another woman near the Nicollett Mall rail station.

"We see them about to fight, and then we see a police car pull up," said witness Krystal Gonzalez.

Witnesses say that the other woman slapped Trotter and initiated the fight, and when police officers arrived, one of them used a taser on Trotter even though she was pregnant.

"She just like, straightened out, like planked, and fell straight on her belly,” said witness Duta Sully. “Why didn't you pepper spray the pregnant lady or put her in a hold or something?"

An incident report released by the Minneapolis Police Department names two officers, Adam Lewis and Michael Williams, but they have yet to confirm if they are the same two officers seen in the aftermath video released on the Internet.

"We are investigating and take every allegation of misconduct seriously,” said the police department in a statement. “Any deployment of a Taser initiates a force of use evaluation, and we are unable to comment at this time.”

The condition of Trotter and her unborn baby has not yet been reported.

Sources: MyFox Twin Cities, International Business Times, The Blaze


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