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Minneapolis Man Myles Thomas Fined For Spitting On Sidewalk

Minneapolis man Myles Thomas was fined $115 after spitting on the sidewalk, which the city defines as a misdemeanor.

The 21-year-old was walking to a pizza place with his friends when he spit on the ground. He suggested that spitting help overcome a minor illness he was recovering from.

He was shocked when officers fined him.

"For spitting I guess I'll just have to bring a bag or something and spit in a bag," Thomas said.

He called the law “wacky,” but said he would pay the fine anyway.

“What can you do,” Thomas said. “You’re supposed to pay the law of the land.”

According to city ordinance, a sidewalk, bus or any other public areas is not allowed to be spit on.

The law is not unique to Minneapolis. St. Paul, too, forbids spitting on the floor of a boat, canoe, building or walkway and holds the same fine.

Spitting in public holds an even heftier fine in other parts of the world, like London, where a man was prosecuted in court for the crime.

Sources: Kare11, Telegraph


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