Minnesota Man Accused Of Murdering Mother Over Bedbug Infestation


A 62-year-old man in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been charged with murdering his 89-year-old mother over a bedbug infestation in her apartment.

The suspect, Michael Gallagher, has been charged by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office with the second-degree murder of his mother, Patricia Gallagher. 

The affidavit filed for the case states that Michael went to his mother's apartment on Dec. 17 to help her clean.  Michael called 911 the following day and confessed to the dispatcher that he had murdered Patricia.

Michael said he was "despondent" about a bedbug infestation in his mother's apartment, NBC News reports.  He apparently feared that her landlord would not renew her lease and said that she "has a lot of things to move."

Michael said that he tried several different methods to exterminate the pests, including using chemicals, but nothing had worked.

He told investigators that he began to violently beat his mother with a sculpture -- of himself -- and then tried to smother her with a pillow when she did not immediately die.

Michael then reportedly started choking his mother with his bare hands, but she still fought back.  

Police reported that Patricia finally died from suffocation when Michael held a garbage bag over her head.

An autopsy determined the cause of Patricia's death to be "complex homicidal violence."

Michael was scheduled to make an appearance in court on Dec. 22, the Associated Press reports.

Sources: AP via KARE, NBC News / Photo credit: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office via NBC

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