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'She Should Resign': Councilwoman Criticized After Posting Personal Information Of BLM Critics Online

A Minneapolis councilwoman has been criticized for publishing the personal information of opponents of recent Black Lives Matter protests on a social media account.

Alondra Cano published the phone numbers and home addresses of people who criticized her for participating in the Dec. 23 protests, KMSP reported.

“It was a chilling feeling,” Laurie Grady told KMSP. “Personally, I think she should resign for what she did. That’s my personal feeling.”

None of those whose information was published on Cano’s Twitter account has reported receiving any threats.

“I was shocked that an elected official would do this,” another Minneapolis resident added. “I also think it puts a huge chill on our democratic society when we cannot communicate with our elected officials using the city’s communication system without the fear the public official will retaliate against us.”

Cano subsequently removed the tweets but did not comment on the issue.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to put people’s emails out to the world if they have a reasonable expectation that it won’t happen,” councilwoman Barb Johnson tsaid. “I’ve been through some difficult time where I’ve been criticized for what I’ve done but I’ve never put anyone’s name out to say that I disagreed with their opinion.”

The criticism came as Black Lives Matter launched a series of protests nationwide as part of their black Christmas initiative.

The protests shut down roads in Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Los Angeles on Dec. 23, KTLA reported.

“Today, on one of the busiest days of the holiday season, black communities across the United States are taking brave actions to impede the flow of goods and commerce with peaceful protests to call for an immediate overhaul of the justice system both locally and nationally that will demand accountability for police, removal of grand juries in cases involving police shootings, an immediate halt to militarized police units and weapons, and extensive review of racialized police practices in black neighborhoods,” a Black Lives Matter statement on the protests read, according to KTLA.

Nine arrests were made in California after protesters shut down an exit ramp on U.S. Highway 101 to San Francisco International Airport. A freeway near Los Angeles International Airport was also briefly closed.

At Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, protesters entered one of the terminals and formed a human chain to block roads leading to both terminals.

In a separate protest at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, five arrests were made.

Sources: KMSP, KTLA / Photo credit: KMSP, WGN via KTLA

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