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Minneapolis Cop Threatens To Break Man’s Leg During Stop (Video)

A police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was caught on video threatening to break the leg of a young man after pulling over a car on March 18.

Faysal Mohamed, 17, used his cell phone to record (video below) the unidentified officer tell his friend, "Plain and simple, if you f--- with me, I'm going to break your leg before you get the chance to run. To be honest, I don't screw around.”

Mohamed's friend replied, “Who said I was going to run?" noted CBS Minnesota.

"I'm just giving you a heads up. Just trying to be Officer Friendly right now,” the officer countered.

The young man asked why he is being arrested, and the officer replied, "I feel like arresting you."

Mohamed told Fox 9 that the driver, himself and two other passengers were all placed in handcuffs while police searched the car and did background checks for 45 minutes.

The police later revealed that they suspected the young men of stealing the car, but that suspicion was false.

The young men were released, but Mohamed says they were racially profiled because they are of Somali descent.

A Minneapolis police spokesperson told Fox 9 that the incident is being investigated.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants the U.S. Department of Justice to look into the incident.

Sources: Fox 9, CBS Minnesota
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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