Minivan Loses Control on Highway, Slams Into Bus (Video)


A recent dashcam video recorded in Jerusalem, Israel by a taxi driver, Ra’anan Gormas, shows a minivan in front of him trying to make it into the right lane, but then losing control.

Last Thursday, the dark-colored minivan slammed into what appears to be a small bus, then flew over the median ending up in the left lane where it started, noted

The video (below) of the bizarre incident was posted on the Israeli news website

“The vehicle was damaged and its tires were punctured,” Gormas told Online 2. “After I got out of my car, I discovered that miraculously nobody was injured in this accident. This was simply the definition of negligence.

“Since the incident, I have played the video countless times and say how lucky I am that I wasn’t driving 10 km/hour [6 mph] faster, because then I wouldn’t have realized his approach at all," added Gormas. "Even in that moment I did not understand what was happening. Only in retrospect, when I watched the video did I realize what had occurred.”



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