Ministry Evicts Homeless Couple After Giving Them A Free Home


A Pennsylvania ministry is reportedly evicting a homeless couple and their two children after giving the family a free home in October 2015, when the couple's 2-year-old was found wandering around a park without shoes.

After the boy was rescued, his parents, Angelique Roland, 27, and Michael Jones, 54, were discovered living under cardboard boxes after relatives had allegedly kicked them out, the Daily Mail reports.

CHOSEN 300, a ministry that helps the homeless, raised over $12,000 for a three-bedroom home for the couple to live in for a year. Their children were placed in DHS custody.

Eleven weeks into the lease, however, the ministry announced the couple would be evicted.

The couple has reportedly been uncooperative, failed several drug tests and skipped a child-custody hearing.

“This couple doesn't want change,” Brian Jenkins of CHOSEN 300 told NBC. “What they want is a free ride.”

“There are other families out there who are desperate for our help” he added.

However, the couple argued 11 weeks wasn't enough time to fully move on from their past on the streets.

“[The ministry] doesn't realize there are steps people have to take,” Jones said. “Sometimes people bend a little bit. And you have to give a person time to right himself back up!”

"[Jones] wants to sit here and make us feel like and look like we're the type of people where we want to be lazy, or we've got a house and we're trying to lay back now," Roland said. "We're really not that type of people."

Jones reportedly battled drug addiction for three decades, and Roland is believed to have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 18.

The ministry plans to set aside the remainder of the $12,000 for the couple's children. The group may release the money back to the family if they get their own home and are granted custody of their kids.

Sources: Daily MailNBC / Photo Credit: NBC via Daily Mail

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