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Minimum Wage To Rise In 21 States Around Country

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The minimum wage is scheduled to increase in 21 states in 2017.

According to CNN, the increases were the result of progressive politicians in state legislatures and on city councils. But several minimum wage increases also came from ballot measures that were voted for directly by the citizens.

For example, voters in Colorado, Maine, Washington, and Arizona voted for minimum wage increases of between 43 and 60 percent.

The following list provides the increased wages per state:

Alaska - $9.80 
Arizona - $10.00 
Arkansas - $8.50 
California - $10.00 for small employers; 10.50 for large employers 
Colorado - $9.30 
Connecticut - $10.10 
Florida - $8.10 
Hawaii - $9.25 
Maine - $9.00 
Maryland - $9.25 (as of July) 
Massachusetts - $11.00 
Michigan - $8.90 
Missouri - $7.70 
Montana - $8.15 
New Jersey - $8.44 
New York - Varies across state from $9.70 to $11 (as of 12/31/16)* 
Ohio - $8.15 
Oregon - $10.25 (as of July) 
South Dakota - $8.65 
Vermont - $10.00 
Washington - $11.00

President-elect Donald Trump has said that he doesn't understand how people survive on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. But he has also said he doesn't support a minimum wage increase mandated by the federal government.

"I would like to see an increase of some magnitude," Trump told MSNBC in July. "But I'd rather leave it to the states. Let the states decide. Because don't forget, the states have to compete with each other."

Sources: CNN, MSNBC via PolitiFact / Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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