Ming Don Chen, 25, Kills Cousin’s Family Because Their Income Was ‘Too High’

A 25-year-old man was arrested Sunday on five counts of murder in the deaths of his cousin’s wife and her four children at their Brooklyn home. The motive, according to a police source, was because the family was too rich.

“The family had too much,” a police source told the New York Post. “Their income [and] lifestyle was better than his.”

The suspect, 25-year-old Ming Don Chen, implicated himself in the stabbings of 37-year-old mom Qiao Zhen Li and her four kids, ages one, five, seven and nine. The one-year old was found at the scene decapitated, a police source told The Post.

Police arrested Chen at the scene, whose bare feet were soaked in blood, according to the Associated Press.

Chen is a cousin of the children’s father and had been staying at the home for about a week, Chief Banks said.

At the scene, police also reportedly seized a machete and a pair of scissors as evidence.

One man, Bob Madden was out walking his dog when he saw a man being escorted from the building by police. He was barefoot, wearing jeans, and “he was staring, he was expressionless,” Madden said.

A police source said the suspect showed "no remorse."

A cousin of Li, Gao Yun, 29, described to The Post the suspect as “crazy,” having met him once.

“He’s lazy,” Yun said. “He doesn’t work too hard. The guy is crazy.”

May Chan, a neighbor, said the news was “heartbreaking.”

“I always see [the kids] running around here,” Chan said. “They run around by my garage playing. They run up and down screaming.”

Sources: Associated Press, New York Post


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