Milwaukee Tries to Quash PETA Protest

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Milwaukee Eighth District Alderman Bob Donovan found out what can happen when you try to quash a PETA protest: It can backfire—big time.

PETA had wanted to remind people of what goes on behind the closed doors of the Cargill Beef Solutionsslaughterhouse in Milwaukee, but Donovan denied our permit, saying that his constituents shouldn't be subjected to a "disturbing" display. Our legal counsel pointed out that censoring PETA's protest would violate "not only the rights of PETA but the rights of [Donovan's] constituents." In the end, PETA got its permit, and all the media coverage of Donovan's attempt to block PETA's demonstration resulted in even more public interest and discussion.

The thought-provoking protest was led by drummer and Milwaukee native Andy Hurley (of Fall Out Boy and The Damned Things), who, along with other PETA supporters, sent curious onlookers home with "Glass Walls" DVDs and vegetarian/vegan starter kits. As for Donovan, he took home egg on his face.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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