Woman Arrested After Officer Allegedly Crashes Into Her Car, Breaks Her Neck (Video)

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A Milwaukee County Sheriff and four deputies are now involved in a federal civil rights lawsuit after allegedly trying to cover up officer misconduct.

The civil rights case started with a car accident in February 2013, when an officer t-boned a woman named Tanya Weyker and blamed her for the incident, according to FOX6 News. The deputy who hit Weyker is named Joseph Quiles.

Weyker sustained numerous injuries from the accident, including a broken neck. However, she was accused of driving drunk and arrested.

After the incident, Weyker claimed that she had not been driving under the influence. Blood tests have proven that she was telling the truth.

“I explained to (the deputy that) my eyes were red and glassy because I was crying,” Weyker told FOX6.

Still, the Sheriff’s department refused to release evidence that showed the cause of the crash even though officials knew about a video of the incident soon after it occurred.

“Ms. Weyker’s constitutional rights were violated very severely,” said Jon Erickson, Weyker’s attorney.

“The Sheriff is responsible.”

On July 8, Erickson announced the federal lawsuit against the Milwaukee sheriff’s department officials. The lawsuit came after an airport surveillance video was finally released and showed that Quiles had lied in his officer report of the crash.

Quiles caused the crash by not stopping before making a turn, according to the video.

“A video that exonerated Ms. Weyker was sat on for months and months until the good work of FOX 6,” Erickson said.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has declined to comment numerous times on the incident and the alleged cover up. This month, Clarke was elected again as the Milwaukee County Sheriff.

Source: FOX6 News, Image Credit: Joural Sentinel


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