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Milwaukee Police Arrest 75-Year-Old Woman Who Refused To Lie About Black Man

Joy McFarlin, an innocent 75-year-old woman, was arrested and threatened with jail by two police officers in Milwaukee on Oct. 13.

After being involved in a car crash, McFarlin was accused of lying when she told the cops that she was driving her car, not a black man as some witnesses had alleged, reports the Journal Sentinel.

McFarlin said she was hit by another vehicle that ran a red light, and her car spun onto the median, positioning her driver's side door to oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, an unidentified young white man helped McFarlin out of the passenger side door.

"He helped me across the street," McFarlin told the Journal Sentinel. "There was a bus stop shelter there. He stayed with me and kept me talking because I was so shaky."

A witness asked if the Good Samaritan had been driving her vehicle, but McFarlin said she was driving. The young man left the scene after paramedics showed up to render aid to McFarlin.

Soon after, two police officers, one male and one female, arrived.

"[The female police officer] took an aggressive pose with her hands on her hips and told me that I better be telling the truth or I was going to jail," McFarlin said. "This was her first approach to me. I told her just what happened, and she said I was lying and I better not lie or I was going to jail."

McFarlin was taken to a local hospital for her injuries, but the senior citizen says the police officer continued her questioning.

"She said things like, 'What are your grandchildren going to think of you?'" McFarlin recalled. "She said there was a video of a black man getting out of the truck, and I was lying. This went on and on. She kept saying I would go to jail for some man."

McFarlin was taken into custody at the hospital, placed into a police cruiser and driven to a police station for more questioning.

However, Milwaukee police spokesman Sgt. Timothy Gauerke contradicted the officer when he told the Journal Sentinel there was no video of the accident, but then defended her decision to lie.

"It's to encourage the person: 'Look, the jig is up. We know what happened. You may as well just tell us.'" Gauerke sad. "She stuck with her story, and that's why she was arrested."

Gauerke claimed the officers told him that they gave McFarlin a break by handcuffing her in the front because of her age, even though she was not charged with any crime.

Sources: Journal Sentinel, Cop Block / Photo Credit: Cliff/Flickr


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