Milwaukee Bucks Player Larry Sanders Caught on Video in Fight


Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders reportedly tore a thumb ligament during a fight in a local nightclub on Nov. 3.

The Milwaukee Police Department released a surveillance video (below) of the fight in the club, Apartment 720, yesterday.

Police issued Sanders two municipal citations for disorderly conduct and assault/battery, which include a total fine of $551.

The wild fight appears to be Sanders and a friend against a large group of guys.

According to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the district attorney’s office said it won't pursue criminal charges against Sanders, who is claiming self-defense.

“We are going to defend him,” said Michael Hart, Sanders’ attorney. “He has gotten a bad rap. The facts will bear that out.”

Sanders originally claimed that he had injured his thumb in the Bucks’ Nov. 2 game against the Toronto Raptors.

He is expected to be out action for six weeks, after surgery to repair the torn ligament, reports the Associated Press.

Sources: Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel and Associated Press


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