Millions of Consumers Fall for E-Card Scam


CLEVELAND --- An e-card scam that misleadingly directs recipients to inappropriate content continues to plague users. The issue was originally reported over the holiday season and has continued through the first of the year, affecting millions of consumers.

With the scam becoming more prevalent,, an online division of American Greetings Corp, wants to help educate users on ensuring safe receipt of e-cards.

In this recent scam, users receive an email alerting them of an e-card they have received from a reputable site. Once they open the email they are referenced to follow a third party link in the message field of the e-card. After clicking on this link the recipient is led to another site with mature and inappropriate content.

"This issue is affecting many e-card sites, and our security team is working around the clock to help keep our users safe," said James Chou, CTO AG Interactive. "Due to the complex nature of this scam, and our desire to see it stopped as soon as possible, we have also contacted the authorities to assist us in our efforts. But until the issue is completely resolved, we want to be sure that our users know what to look for."

Chou notes that the very best advice to ensure your safety in retrieving legitimate e-cards is to never click on, or copy and paste in your browser, a link within the body of an e-card message. Most reputable sites suggest recipients go to their main page by directly typing in the site URL. Once there users can enter the code found in the original email to retrieve their greeting.

Other tips to ensure safe receipt of e-cards:

-- Always be sure that you recognize the sender. The name and/or email address of the individual sending the card will always be in the subject line. If you do not recognize the name or address, proceed with caution or immediately delete the email.

-- Be especially cautious of any emails with "secret admirer" in the "from" field, as many of those affected by the recent scam have noted this.

-- If you receive an email stating that you have sent an e-card that you do not recognize, please know that your email address and account were not compromised through your membership.

For more information on ensuring safe receipt of your e-cards, visit the protection resource center.



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