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Millionaire Ex-CFO Robert Dellinger Tries Suicide By Car, Kills Couple, Unborn Baby Instead

A wealthy former Fortune 500 executive, who recently received a $1.2 million payout when he left his most recent position for health reasons, was driving around aimlessly in Lebanon, N.H. Saturday night when he decided he’d had enough of being alive.

So 53-year-old Robert Dellinger decided to terminate his own privileged existence by suddenly swerving his Chevy pickup truck across the Interstate 89 grassy median, hoping to crash into an embankment.

Unfortunately, instead, his vehicle flew into the air, shearing off the top of an oncoming SUV, killing the young couple inside instantly. The suicidal man also took the life of the couple's unborn child. But Dellinger survived.

Jason Timmons, 29, and his fiancée Amanda Murphy, 24, of Wilder, Vt., died with injuries that medical examiners described as consistent with an airplane crash. Murphy was eight months pregnant with the couple’s child, to have been named Reagan Elizabeth, who did not survive.

The couple met at Valley Terrace an assisted living facility where they both had worked. Timmons had three previous children, his obituary stated.

Dellinger (pictured) had most recently served as chief financial officer at Pittsburgh, Pa. firm PPG Industries, which supplies paint to the auto and airline industries. When he left in 2011 he took a final payout of $1.2 million in cash and stock.

He had held similar positions at Sprint, General Electric and Delphi Corporations.

Dellinger was arraigned Wednesday on two counts of reckless manslaughter. He is not charged in the death of Reagan Elizabeth because New Hampshire has no law regarding the death of an unborn baby.

“The baby would have to at least take a breath for us to charge for the baby to be a victim,” said New Hampshire’s Senior Assistant Attorney General Susan Morrell. The autopsies showed that baby also died of blunt force trauma.

Morrell said that the day of the crash, Dellinger argued with his wife over some issue regarding his medications. He then left the house to drive around in the pickup truck, but as he drove, he grew “depressed and loopy,” Morrell said. It was then that the Dellinger decided to take his own life.

"He saw the median and decided to turn into it,” the prosecutor said. "He could have chosen many other ways to kill himself that would not put anyone else in danger.”

A judge set Dellinger’s bail at $250,000 which his family said they will pay. He must surrender his driver’s license and passport and remain in New Hampshire.

SOURCES: Valley News (2), CBS News, WMUR TV


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