Millionaire Dog Breeders Arrested For Claiming Over $167,000 In Welfare Benefits


Two self-proclaimed Scottish Aristocrats were arrested in the Bahamas recently after police discovered they’d been collecting thousands of dollars in welfare benefit for years.

The couple, Colin and Andrea Chisholm, has millions of dollars in wealth and assets to their names. Want proof? They were lounging on a $1.4 million yacht in the Bahamas when police arrested them.

“These were rich folks ripping off the system,” said Mike Freeman, prosecuting attorney for Hennepin County, Florida. “I will make sure they do hard time.”

Investigators discovered the Chisholm’s had claimed over $167,000 in welfare benefits over the last seven years. They collected everything from food stamps to prenatal care benefits, all while raking in millions of dollars through various business pursuits.

In addition to their $1.4 million yacht, the Chisholm’s own a $1.6 million home in Minnesota. Colin Chisholm is listed as the president and CEO of TCN Network, a Caribbean television provider. They also run an extremely profitable kennel business that breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. One of their dogs recently took home an award at the esteemed Westminster Dog Show.

Freeman says the couple deserves a harsh punishment for so blatantly ripping off the public welfare system.

“It is truly outrageous when persons of considerable means steal from the government and all of us taxpayers through abusing the social welfare system,” he said. “We will prosecute this case with all the capacity we have.”

The maximum sentence for the Chisholm’s welfare fraud charges is a $100,000 fine and 20 years in prison. 

Sources: Mail Online, Star Tribune


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