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Millionaire Asks Ex-Wife to Stay On As His Housekeeper

A millionaire businessman, who lived with his former wife after they divorced, asked her if she would stay as his housekeeper after he brought another woman and child into their home.

The bizarre story became public after the Family Division of the High Court in London recently ruled on the unidentified couple's divorce settlement, reports The Independent.

The High Court ruled the ex-wife is entitled to almost half of the man's $20 million fortune.

The couple were reportedly married in the late 1970s and divorced in the 1990s, but had not gone to court about money.

The man, who is now in his 70s, met a new woman and brought her and her 12-year-old daughter into the home.

The man then asked his ex-wife to remain in the home “as some sort of housekeeper," which she found “very demeaning and upsetting."

The man told his ex-wife that he would “commit suicide or go on hunger strike” if she “went to court regarding financial matters,” but she did anyway.

The man claimed he and his wife settled for a much lower amount, but she said the agreement was signed under duress. The High Court subsequently ruled in her favor.

According to lawyer Eileen Pembridge, if a person did not sue for money at the time of their divorce, they can do so at any point before they are re-married under UK law.

“I think this is pretty unheard of to carry on living together for this length of time,” Pembridge told The Telegraph. “To bring a claim after this many years is unusual but the judge will look at the facts and what has been happening in the meantime.”

Sources: The Telegraph and The Independent


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