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The "Million Mustache March" on Washington

Most people equate mustaches with 1970s porn stars or Burt Reynolds tooling around in a black Trans Am, but mustache aficionados say their facial hair can actually stimulate the economy. And they are planning a "Million Mustache March" to explain their theory and encourage others to grow mustaches.

Yahoo! News reports that according to the American Mustache Institute, men with mustaches make 4.3% more money than their clean-shaven brethren, therefore if more people had mustaches, the economy would grow.

The group has proposed the STACHE Act, formally known as the "Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses," that would "provide a $250 annual tax deduction for expenditures on mustache grooming supplies."

"Given the clear link between the growing and maintenance of mustaches and incremental income, it appears clear that mustache maintenance costs qualify for and should be considered as a deductible expense related to the production of income under Internal Revenue Code Section 212," wrote Dr. John Yeutter, a tax policy professor at Northeastern State University, in a 2010  when the STACHE Act was initially proposed.

The march on Washington is planned for April 1.


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