Militia Members Going To Oregon For Bundy-Style Standoff (Video)

Militia members are heading to a mining area near Merlin, Oregon, for a Bundy-type standoff with the U.S. government over a goldmine.

According to KDVR, some local miners claim that documents from the 1950's grandfather them in legally to mine for gold, but the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) says those documents are out of date and the property has changed hands, which nullifies the grandfathering clause.

The BLM claims the miners have overstepped their mining and need to scale back. A BLM spokesperson told KDVR that a legal process needs to take place before any action would happen.

RawStory.com notes that the people who own the Sugar Pine Mining Claim asked the Oath Keepers of Josephine Count for assistance. The Oath Keepers called out for help to militia members and like-minded folks on right-wing web sites.

LockedandLoadedNews.com blared the headline, "Bundy Ranch” type standoff brewing in Southern Oregon between miners and BLM," while BeforeItsNews.com ran the headline, "BREAKING ALERT: Militia Support Needed for BLM Standoff in Oregon."

Two Arizona militia members recently posted a video (below) on YouTube of themselves driving to Oregon to join the cause.

Mary Emerick, who is with the armed Oath Keepers, told KDVR, "Because we are a constitutional group, we've taken an oath to defend the Constitution. We are here just to make sure that they receive their Fifth Amendment rights, which is due process."

As in Nevada with the Bundy ranch, a local sheriff has stepped in to mediate between the BLM and the mine owners.

Sources: RawStory.com, LockedandLoadedNews.com, BeforeItsNews.com, KDVR
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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