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Military Veteran's Daughter Dies from Hit-And-Run Crash 4 Days After She Returns Home from Afghanistan

Military veteran Tammy Wilson should have been able to celebrate her return to the United States from Afghanistan surrounded by the family she missed. Instead, the Virginia woman, who served as a counter narcotics contractor for two years, is spending her first week home mourning the loss of her 27-year-old daughter Amber Schei, who was reportedly killed by a suspected hit-and-run crash Saturday morning, reports NBC News.

Schei had reportedly been diagnosed with a disorder that required she have assistance and take medication. Although she moved to San Diego to complete her Associate's Degree in computer engineering at ITT Technical Institute and to spend more time with her 10-year-old daughter, who lives with her father, the young woman reportedly dropped out of school and was living in a group recovery home, Wilson said.

But Wilson says she was not concerned about her daughter because she sounded okay when they spoke on the phone. “She said, ‘Mom, I just need a little bit of money, but I’m doing great,’” Wilson said. “’I’m skateboarding all the time, going to a skateboard park.’ And she was just living life. She was enjoying herself.”

Schei’s body was reportedly discovered on a wooded side road. Plastic car parts were found at the scene of the crime and police say her injuries are consistent with those caused by a car accident. There are no witnesses who are able to shed light on what happened and an investigation is ongoing. Cops say that if a hit-and-run suspect is responsible for her death, his or her vehicle has likely suffered significant damage to its front.

Wilson plans on holding her daughter’s funeral services in California and Virginia and spreading her ashes in Panama City Beach, Florida, where she says “Amber was truly at peace and enjoyed life, living with me and her brother, Christopher, before he went to the Navy,” reports Daily Mail.

Sources: NBC News, Daily Mail


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