'It Was Completely Grotesque': Military Cook Caught On Camera Bathing In Soup Cauldron

A military cook who took a bath in a huge cauldron used for making soup is now under investigation.

Victor Gamboa, a soldier from the 13th Military Police Battalion in the Colombian capital Bogota, was caught on camera stripping and climbing into the vat of water. He then was caught using a bottle of shampoo to wash his hair before washing the remainder of his body.

"First he washed his hair and then started doing his feet and genitals. It was completely grotesque and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Juan Camargo Cubillos, a sous chef, said. "But when I asked him what the hell he was doing he just laughed and said I shouldn’t worry about it."

The incident reportedly occurred in July when the kitchen was shut down after an order from the Health Secretariat. Although Gamboa was told to delete all the photos, they have now been leaked onto the internet.

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According to base commander General Raul Antonio Rodriguez, bathing in a soup vat is illogical because they’re lit for 18 hours a day at high temperatures. Rodriguez added that an investigation is underway and disciplinary measures will be implemented if needed.

Sources: Mirror, Express / Photo Credit: CEN via Express


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