Military Leaders Warn Trump: Climate Change Is A Threat


A bipartisan group of military leaders published a brief that warned against the dangers of climate change, but President-elect Donald Trump does not put a high priority on protecting the environment.

The Center for Climate & Security said climate change presents a risk to national security and urged the government to take action, according to Scientific American.

The group also said the U.S. government should follow the recommendations put forth by the Climate and Security Advisory Group, a “voluntary, non-partisan group of 43 U.S.-based military, national security, homeland security, intelligence and foreign policy experts from a broad range of institutions,” according to its website.

“The national security community has focused on the intersection of climate risk and security for over a decade,” said retired U.S. NavyRear Adm. David Titley.The conclusions are clear: climate risks are accelerating in their likelihood and severity. The next administration, whomever is elected, has the duty and obligation as Commander in Chief to manage this risk in a comprehensive manner.”

The group said Trump should order the Pentagon to prepare for catastrophic climate scenarios, including “state failure, mass migration and instability in strategically significant areas around the world,” Scientific American reported.

Although Trump has made numerous controversial statements about climate change, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Trump would come around to realizing the reality of potential environmental effects.

"As you may know, last week I spoke to President-elect Mr. Trump, and I brought up many issues, peace and security issues, including the issue of climate change," Ban said at a press conference in Morocco, according to ABC News. "I remain very optimistic about our effort to combat climate change. Look at what we have achieved."

He added: "The global unity around climate change once seemed to be unthinkable, but now it has become unstoppable."

Sources: Scientific American, ABC News, Center for Climate and Security / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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