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Miley Cyrus' Surprising Message After Trump Wins (Video)

Singer Miley Cyrus couldn't hold back her tears after she learned the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections in a video that has surprised many (video below).

"I heavily supported Hillary and I still think, that in her lifetime, she deserves to be the first female president," says a red-eyed Cyrus in a video she posted on Twitter Nov. 9, before breaking down.

"And that's what makes me so sad," the 23-year-old Cyrus adds, as she begins to sob. "I just wish she had had that opportunity because she's just fought for so long."

Despite her clear grief over the loss, Cyrus said she accepted the results.

"Hopefully we adjust and we accept everyone for who they are and so Donald Trump, I accept you," she says. "And this is hard to say, but I even accept you as president of the United States."

The tearful singer continues, adding she will try to move forward.

“I want to be a hopeful hippie," she says, addressing Trump, before thanking President Barack Obama. "I want to be hopeful that you will step in, too.”

It was a surprising move by Cyrus, who had once announced she would move to Canada if Trump won, the Mirror reports.

Towards the end of the video, Cyrus -- still crying -- wipes away tears as she urges people to embrace love.

"Please, please just treat people with love and treat people with compassion and with respect, and I will do the same for you," Cyrus says.

The video sparked a myriad of responses on social media, with some expressing empathy while others felt angry.

"Now you can leave sweetie like you said," wrote one user on TMZ's Facebook page. "Some of us felt the same way with TRAITOR in chief and look, we survived long 8 miserable years of him."

Others thought it was good of Cyrus to accept Trump's win.

"I thought that video was a very sincere thing to do," wrote one man. "I'm a Trump supporter, but I have complete respect for Hillary supporters. We all care for our country. I think it's important to be sensitive to others feelings. People are fearing and hurting because they care. It's important that we stand together. So those who want to gloat about a victory please have a little class and stop. We still have a lot of work to do going forward."

Sources: Miley Cyrus/Twitter, Mirror, TMZ/Facebook / Photo credit: Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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