Miki Lane Barred From Entering a Nightclub Because of Her Tattoos

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Miki Lane, 23, and her boyfriend, Jason Barker, 24, were turned away from a night club because they had visible tattoos. Security staff at Club Amadeus informed the couldn’t enter due to a policy barring people with visible tattoos.

Lane, who works at a tattoo shop, said “We had never experienced this discrimination anywhere previously and I had been in to Club Amadeus before and had my tattoos in show and there had never been a problem.”

She offered to wear a jacket into the North Yorkshire, England, club, but the staff informed her that all coats must be checked.

“We were smartly dressed and all we wanted to do was have a dance and a bit of fun.”

As tattoos grow more popular, the stigma around them has relaxed.

“When people see my tattoos the reaction is that they are interested in them,” Lane said. “It’s wrong to stereotype people who have them as thugs.” In fact, Lane says no one has ever objected to her tattoos prior to this incident. “I used to work in a nursing home, and even the elderly residents wouldn't bat an eyelid.”

Lane was wearing a sleeveless dress when she went to the nightclub, but she believes the club did not react appropriately.

“There is not one offensive tattoo on either of us, they are artistic,” she said. “In the past I know tattoos have had negative connotations, but these days I would say more than half the people my age have them.”

A club employee told the Daily Mail that “it is the owner’s preference” that tattoos not be visible in the club. George Crow, who owns Club Amadeus, was not available for comment. 

Lane said she and her boyfriend lost  £30 on taxis getting to the club in the first place. 

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Sources: the Daily Mail

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