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Mike Tyson Arrested for Altercation with Photographer at LAX

This was supposed to be the new Mike Tyson. The gentle Mike Tyson. The Tyson who scored a memorable cameo in the wildly successful comedy The Hangover then wept openly on Oprah after his four-year-old daughter's tragic death.

But perhaps there's no mellowing Iron Mike after all. The former heavyweight champion is in trouble with the law -- yet again -- after an alleged scuffle with a paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport.

The Los Angeles Times reports policearrested Tyson after the altercation with an unnamed photographer, who claims the ex-boxer hit him in the face then tried to take his film. (Film? What paparazzi uses film anymore?) Meanwhile, Tyson says he was provoked and pushed by the photog.

Because each individual blamed each other for starting the fight, police reportedly arrested both men -- although the photographer went to the hospital first.


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