Mike Huckabee: Michael Brown Would Still Be Alive If He Didn’t Act Like A Thug (Video)


Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee says that there is only one person who should be blamed for Michael Brown’s death: Michael Brown.

Huckabee, a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, spoke with NewsMax this week and said that all of the protests and demonstrations we have seen over the past 10 days are misguided. According to him, Brown could have avoided getting shot by complying with what former Ferguson police offer Darren Wilson told him to do. 

“Well, first of all, I found it just incredibly dangerous that you had members of Congress, on the floor of Congress, holding up their hands in the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ position, as if to say that somehow that is gonna get you shot,” he said.

“I’m gonna tell you something," he continued, “What gets you shot is when you grab a police officer’s gun, and you lunge at him, and you try to hit him in the face.”

Huckabee maintains that the St. Louis Rams and select members of Congress who were photographed holding their hands up in honor of Brown are perpetuating a myth.

“This is not only foolish and dangerous, but is really on the verge of anarchy. And I’m just disgusted that you have NFL players, politicians, and others who, no matter what the evidence reveals, no matter how many sworn testimonies show that Darren Wilson, who, you know — it’s a tragedy that the young man got shot, but this is a young man who had just roughed up a store owner, just robbed a store, and now he’s going after a cop’s gun.”

Huckabee added that if Brown wanted to avoid getting shot by Wilson, he should have “behaved like something other than a thug.”

You can watch Huckabee’s entire interview with NewsMax below. 

Sources: Buzzfeed, Mediaite / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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