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Mike Epps Under Fire For Bringing Kangaroo Onstage (Video)

Mike Epps is at the center of controversy after bringing a kangaroo onstage with him during a recent show (video below).

The incident occurred on March 31 at the Festival of Laughs comedy tour in Detroit, reports the Daily Mail.

Epps, best known for his appearances as a drug dealer in the "Hangover" movies, was joined onstage by a man with a kangaroo.

The video shows a kangaroo "handler" trying to control the animal, while Epps and others onstage attempt to use it as part of the entertainment.

At the end of the footage, the kangaroo appears to throw a punch at Epps, who then runs off the stage.

Since being posted on social media, response to the video has been overwhelmingly negative. One social media user declared that it was "animal cruelty to have had the kangaroo on stage."

"They're trash for doing this," said a ticket holder quoted by TMZ.

Another said: "I didn't think Mike Epps playing with that kangaroo last night was funny at all. That kangaroo looked miserable and ready to snap."

Epps was called a "disgrace" on Reddit.

In an half-hearted attempt to put a positive spin on the situation, Epps posted a backstage video of himself feeding a banana to a different kangaroo, accompanied by the caption, "Yeah what's the problem? Look how nice I am to him." A deleted caption, as quoted by TMZ, said: "Yeh look how nice I am 2 him! Theses guys are license zoo keepers ! #iloveanimals."

But at least one Twitter user wasn't buying it. "Keep your bull**** apology and your weak attempt at damage control. You were on camera abusing an animal. You suck for that."

Javon Stacks, the man who brought the kangaroo on stage in the first place, told Michigan Live that he is part of a "traveling exotic zoo," reports TMZ. Stacks told the gossip news outlet that the kangaroo was not harmed during the incident.

It's illegal to own a kangaroo in Detroit, but according to the city's Animal Control, if the animal is from out of town, it falls under the jurisdiction of state and federal authorities to determine if any crime had been committed.

Sources: Daily Mail, TMZ, Fame Magazine/YouTube / Photo credit: The Wilbur

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