Packers Donate To Police Foundation


Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, alongside his team, announced plans to donate $100,000 each to the Green Pay Police Foundation. 

McCarthy, whose father was a local police officer and firefighter, said he wanted to do something to help the relationship between police and the community -- something that the Green Bay Police Foundation was founded in July to do. 

“My goal is [to] be part of the solution to make our community better,” he told ESPN. 

Team president Mark Murphy later announced that the team would match McCarthy’s donations, saying that the issue was “very personal” for the coach.

“This is a very difficult time for our country and [we] really need [programs] like this that bring people together, bring communities together, particularly public safety and community members, and really start listening to each other and having a discussion instead of trying to win the debate,” he said. 

“This is something that could ... well be a role model for other cities around the country. ... We saw this opportunity and the timing was really perfect. This is exactly the kind of program that we need."

The incredible donations quickly made headlines, garnering praise from those who felt it was the right thing to do in the wake of protests by sports stars like Colin Kaepernick. 

“Good news from the coach. I am thinking the Packers were smart enough not to protest during the national anthem,” one reader commented on Bleacher Report. 

“If you can't go to a football game to get away from it for three hours what else is there,” quipped another.

“Good for McCarthy. With all these worthless players disrespecting our anthem, it's good to see someone associated with the NFL doing the right thing,” an ESPN reader commented. 

Sources: Bleacher Report, ESPN / Photo credit: Jame and Jessica Healy

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