Midlothian’s The Tint Shop Burglarized Three Times In One Night


An auto accessories store was burglarized not once, but three times in one night, as seen by store surveillance cameras.

The Tint Shop located on a busy Midlothian, Ill., street, was robbed Tuesday night for the first time when a minivan backed up to the front door. The culprits got out, used bolt cutters to remove a lock, but then an alarm scared them off – for just a moment.

A half hour later, surveillance cameras show the burglars back, hopping the counter and getting as much as they can, including radios, car alarms and stereo speakers.

“They definitely don’t seem concerned about anybody showing up of calling police. You’re right, 147th is busy all the time,” employee George Leiva told WLS-TV.

The robbers come back for a third time, roughly at 2:30 a.m. to take a subwoofer and wall display.

“You wanna not put your personal emotion into it and it’s just merchandise. I’m glad we weren’t here, but at the end of the day that’s money lost that we worked for,” Leiva said.

The thieves did leave fingerprints on the glass countertop, but authorities said it will take months to process fingerprint evidence.

The Tint Shop owners are offering a reward for anyone with information regarding the burglaries.

“Honestly, it’s sickening, man. It’s horrible,” the manager told CBS Chicago. “If they wanted a radio that bad, we could have worked with them.”

The thieves took an estimated total of $20,000 from the automotive store.

That same night, thieves broke into a Cash For Gold store, took some jewelry and tried to break into a liquor store but gave up after a while. This robbery and attempted robbery took place a few blocks away from The Tint Shop.

Sources: WLS-TV, CBS Chicago


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