Middletons File Complaint Over Pippa Photos


The family of Kate and Pippa Middleton have filed a formal complaint over the publication of bikini photos of the sisters, saying it violates the family's privacy.

The Internet is still abuzz over the photos that show the young women frolicking on a boat while on vacation with Prince William five years ago. The most controversial photo shows Pippa with her bikini top off -- although her back is to the camera.

The Middleton family filed a formal petition to Britain’s independent Press Complaints Commission, claiming four British tabloids violated "family privacy" by publishing the photos.

The Associated Press writes:

That complaint is seen as the first salvo in what is expected to be a conflict between the monarchy and the press as both sides try to establish boundaries in a new royal era defined by William and Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and their determination to live a normal life.

While European law protects free speech, similar to our First Amendment, it also protects privacy. This often leaves judges trying to find the proper balance between the two.

That is what the Complaints Commission will have to determine -- whether there are any “public right to know” issues that might justify publication of the photos.


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