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Middle School Students' Racist Video Shocks Town (Video)

Three students from Leesville Road Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina, have shocked their community with a racist video (below).

A boy in the video says, "Here in America, we don't accept the [N-word], Jews, Arabs or [derogatory word for Hispanics]," notes The News & Observer.

A second boy says, "Go back to the fields of Alabama. Go back to the factories in Mississippi. You don't deserve freedom."

The students cheer, and chant "KKK!"

The school principal, Cindy Kremer, notified parents about the video in a phone message, notes WTVD:

Three of our students posted a music video on a music app that was shared with others. The students' video was a racist rant filled with racist imagery. Not long after the song was posted online, it was removed. Copies continued in circulation.

The news station blurred out the students' faces in its broadcast, but the original viral video made the youngsters identifiable to school officials.

Kremer said a parent notified the school of the video on March 8, and that the students "have received appropriate disciplinary action."

Under the school district’s rules, students can be disciplined for off-campus behavior.

"It’s disturbing,” said Lisa Luten, a Wake County schools spokeswoman. "It’s concerning, and it’s something we’re having conversations about whether a larger action needs to be taken.”

According to Luten, federal privacy laws do not allow the public disclosure of the discipline of the three students.

However, Tionda Holt, an African-American parent, said that she and other families heard three eighth-grade students got a three-day suspension.

Holt believes a longer suspension is needed: "That video represents terrorism. That is inciting hate. Someone could have seen that video and gotten riled up."

Luann Grochowski, another parent, told WTVD:

I think its everyone's responsibility in the community to follow up on stuff like that and to make sure we're really talking to our kids and making sure that they are becoming the human beings that we all know and want them to be ... It reflects a certain type of mindset and character that needs some attention paid to it for sure.

"Here at Leesville Road Middle School, the expectation is that we adhere to high standards for all students," Kremer also said in her message. "This video violates those standards, and its messages will not be condoned in our school."

Sources: WTVDThe News & Observer / Photo credit: Wake County Public School System

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