Middle School Student Ryan Blackmon Suspended for Trying to Hug Teacher


In Bladenboro, North Carolina, Ryan Blackmon, an eighth grade student at Bladenboro Middle School, was suspended when he tried to hug his teacher after she broke up a potential fight between himself and another student.

Blackmon told WECT-TV: “I said, ‘Thank you,’ after she got done. I went to hug her, then she just snatched me up by the arm and drug me to the other teacher and said that I needed to be written up, and that something serious had happened. I don’t understand how she could feel threatened if I was showing my gratitude, but she could have told me politely to tell me to move away."

According to school documents obtained by WECT-TV, it is against the rules for a student to hug a teacher.

Blackmon’s parents have filed a police report against the teacher and the school after a mark was left on the boy’s arm from where the teacher grabbed him.


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