Middle School P.E. Teacher Punishes Late Students With 'Bear Crawl' That Burns And Blisters Their Hands

A group of sixth graders in Red Oak, Texas, showed up late to their P.E. class, and the students and their parents say that the physical punishment they were given by the coach went too far.

The coach at Red Oak Middle School told seven girls to "bear crawl" across the hot football field several times on their hands and feet. By the time they were finished, all of the girls had red, blistered palms.

"I tried tell her that I burned my hands but she just told me to go back in line and do them again," one of the 11-year-old girls said.

The students were taken directly to the school nurse and the principal called their parents to let them know what happened. The school put the coach on temporary leave while they review her actions.

Despite the school letting parents know what happened as quickly as they could, they remained angry about the punishment their daughters were given.

"Run an extra lap, run an extra two laps," said parent Alma Gallegos. "Why would you put them on turf? You get on the turf and you let me know how it feels."

Two parents spoke to police about pressing charges, but were told that the coach had not committed a crime. The school district's own investigation is expected to end soon as well.

Gallegos said that she agrees that her daughter should have received a punishment for being late, but thinks that the punishment she got was over the top and wants an apology.

"Some people may say, 'Oh this generation, they're crybabies,'" she said. "It's not cry baby. It's just that this isn't the military. This is school."

Sources: Liftbump, CBS DFW / Photo credit: Liftbump


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