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Middle School Lunch Lady Charged For Sending Naked Pictures To 15-Year-Old Student

A Minnesota lunch lady has been charged for allegedly exchanging nude pictures with a 15-year-old student.

According to reports, 41-year-old Krista Ann Muccio was informed of the charges against her via summons rather than arrest, but the potential consequences of those charges are just as serious. Back in November, the lunch lady, who works at both Inner Grove Heights Middle School and Simley High School, allegedly sent the 15-year-old student inappropriate photos and engaged in a sexually explicit conversation via text message. Prior to that, the teen says that the two began communicating on Instagram earlier in the year.

The student’s father eventually found the nude photos under the “recently deleted” section of his iPad, and ultimately, they were turned over to police. It was later determined that Muccio was also in posession of pornographic images of the student.

While initially being questioned by police, Muccio admitted to sending “stuff online” and “pictures of girls in bikinis,” but she denied sending him nude photos of herself. She did, however, say that the student sent her a picture of his genitals. Police say, however, that evidence doesn’t support claims that she didn’t reciprocate with photos of herself.

Text messages between the two were also sexually explicit, and as the court complaint notes, Muccio once described to the teen how she would perform oral sex on him.

“Allegations of this nature are very troubling and can have negative emotional and psychological impacts on the minor victims involved,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said in a statement.

Muccio has officially been charged with one count of communication with a minor describing sexual conduct and one count of posession of pornographic work involving minors.

Sources: My Fox Twin Cities, KARE 11 News / Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons, My Fox Twin Cities


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