Middle School Janitor Arrested For Using School Copy Machine To Counterfeit Money


If earning more cash were as simple as running your 20 dollar bills through a copy machine, the world would be a lot richer. That’s the idea a man working at a middle school in Lafollette, Tennessee had. James Chapman, a janitor at Lafollette Middle School, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly using the school’s copy machine to create counterfeit money. Chapman was charged with criminal simulation and subsequently released on a $5,000 bond. 

According to Robbie Goins, the Sheriff of Lafollette’s Campbell County, Chapman had been copying $10 and $20 bills on pieces of paper using the school’s copy machine. He would copy each side of a bill on separate pieces of paper, and then cut them out and glue them together. 

The arrest was made after Chapman allegedly used one of the fake $20 bills at a local body shop. Due to the poor quality of the counterfeiting effort, the owner of the shop “knew right away it was a fake $20 bill,” Goins told Knoxville, TN’s WVLT. 

It is unclear how much money Chapman had printed off before he was caught, or whether or not he had used the money elsewhere. Sheriff Goins explained that he is used to seeing counterfeit money in the county, and that this was one of the most unusual attempts at creating fake bills, and also the most unlikely to work. 

“It was shocking to think that someone would try to pull this off and use school equipment to do it,” Goins said. 

Further information about the criminal charges against Chapman has yet to emerge, but the man has already returned to his home in Lafollette. 


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